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Apart from New Zealand, the South Pacific Islands are tropical in climate with only small fluctuations in temperature and daylight throughout the year. Typical temperatures are between 24 and 31C (75 - 89F) with only a few degrees drop at night time.

Pacific offer all the types of yacht charter such as bareboat charter (monohull, catamaran), crewed yacht charter (monohull, catamaran) and luxury yacht charter.

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Discover the wonderful lagoon of New Caledonia and the crystal-clear waters of the Society and Tuamotu archipelagos in French Polynesia, or New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Australia where various types of fauna mingle. Multicoloured fish, extraordinarily shaped coral beaches, bays and islands where nature is preserved and protected.

Yacht Charter Australia

The Whitsundays located within the Great Barrier Reef marine park lie on the Queensland on the northeast coast of Australia. The Whitsunday Islands offer the ultimate sailing experience in Australia. Hoist the sails and set off for the islands of your dreams for your yacht charter sailing holidays.

Yacht Charter in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is situated in the heart of the Pacific approx 1500 kms east of Australia. The barrier reef stretching 1600 kms and encircling the mainland island is the world's largest lagoon, and surely one of the most beautiful. Cooled by the Pacific Ocean and the trade winds, New Caledonia enjoys a soft, sunny climate ideal for boat rental.

Yacht charter in Polynesia

French Polynesia, consists of five island groups of volcanic origin; the Society Islands (Tahiti, Bora Bora), the Marquesas, Tuamotu, Gambier and the Austral Ridge. Ideal sailing conditions can be experienced from April through to the end of October with sunny weather and good easterly trade winds.

Yacht Charter New Zealand

Known as 'The City of Sails', Auckland is said to have more yachts per head than any other place in the world! The scenery is beautiful, the sailing good and the diving superb. The world famous Bay Of Islands has attracted sailors from around the world for over a century with its sheltered anchorages and temperate climate.

Yacht Charter Tonga

The islands of Tonga is located 1500 miles North East of New Zealand, just below the Tropic of Capricorn. It is a fascinating land of brilliant colours, blue lagoons, fine white sandy beaches and lush green coconut plantations.

Yacht Charter Fiji

Fiji's islands offers one of the most spectacular yacht charter on the planet. Fiji offers a choice Pacific's most friendly isles with white sandy beaches, aquamarine water and swaying palms trees.

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